With over 35 years of experience, we plan, design and deliver exhibitions, museum attractions, brand experiences, expos and cultural destinations.
We combine our strategic vision and bespoke creative process to bring environments and experiences to life, helping you connect with your audience.
We undergo a thorough phase of research to define the core project challenges in order to understand the client’s needs, the project values and opportunities.
We approach each project with creative energy and clarity. Working in collaboration with our clients, we never lose sight of the project vision and objectives.
For over 30 years MET has delivered ground-breaking, award-winning designs, on time and on budget. Our work spans over 50 countries across the globe.
We evaluate each project to ensure that objectives have been met. We continue to learn from the collective experience we gain, always looking to reinvest in our next project.
MET Studio offers a full 360 service to any project, from feasibility to implementation.
This includes:

Design Research, Review & Analysis

Interpretative & Experiential Master Planning

Branding & Experimental Marketing Strategies

Environmental Design

Interactive Exhibit Design

Project Management

Corporate Brand Experience

Multimedia & Graphic Design

Feasibility Studies & Business Planning