Campaign For Wool

"We absolutely loved the Campaign for Wool Stand, it had real impact at the show."
– Bernie Herliyhy,
Editor of Grand Designs

MET Studio was commissioned to create a new travelling branded exhibit for the Campaign for Wool in response to the great challenges facing the wool industry.

The new exhibit launched at Grand Designs Live, receiving the “Grand Designs Loves Award” for being one of the top 10 most innovative installations at the event.

To move away from traditional notions of trade stands, we believed the campaign’s messages would be best served by creating an impactful and iconic statement at the show.

The words “Choose Wool” were created at large scale to form the installation and each letter was clad in a different texture and finish. This created an extremely tactile experience and a bold statement about the value of wool as a material.

‘We absolutely loved the Campaign for Wool stand. It had a real impact at the show, it was strikingly colourful, kids were clambering all over it, adults couldn’t resist stroking the large letters as they walked past, or in fact sitting on them. All in all we thought the effort that had gone into making such a showstopper should be recognised in some way’ (Bernie Herlihy – Editor, Grand Designs)



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