Cyberport Visitor Centre

The story of a new destination for Asia, told through pioneering gesture based technology.

Cyberport is a £1 billion flagship IT and technology cluster opened in 2003 on a 24-hectare site in Hong Kong. The landowners assembled 200 IT-related companies in a single city development at the heart of Asia, which would act as a gateway for expansion into China and beyond. Included in the scheme were one million sq. ft. of highly intelligent low-rise offices sharing a high-speed internal broadband private network with satellite-linked global connectivity. Retail and leisure facilities, as well as a hotel, houses and apartments are also included on the site.

MET Studio’s brief was to create a promotional and informative environment to promote further understanding of the concept and motivation behind Cyberport, while also helping sell the real estate within the development.

Our solution was to create a series of the most innovative interactive ‘experiences’, including a major 360 degree AV show and a series of virtual ‘navigators’ which take potential customers through all aspects of the new technology and the advanced communications facilities offered by Cyberport, as well as demonstrating the benefits of the development to Hong Kong as a major communications hub in Asia.

The team looked to employ different interfaces for information access alongside art installations in order to explain the role of creativity in the Cyberport community. The centre was designed as a flexible environment providing a series of experiences for visitors, tenants and VIPs that could forever evolve, with the intention that it would remain light years ahead of a traditional marketing suite.



India House
45 Curlew Street


Hong Kong

7/F Contempo Place
81 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong
Kowloon HK

+852 6620 7376