Lucent Centre of Excellence

A show stopping, immersive marketing space.

MET Studio headed up an international creative team to create a Centre of Excellence for telecoms giant Lucent Technologies at their Nurnberg office in Germany, selling the business-to-business ‘briefing’ expertise and vision behind Lucent to global clients, but particularly focused at the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

The Nurnberg Centre of Excellence offers the customer a fully theatrical experience, stimulating the imagination as much as explaining the complex technologies the company specialises in. The brief was to ensure customers had an experience where the company would not have to underline its commitment to innovation or creativity because the experience itself would implicitly express that commitment.

The client also requested, perhaps tongue in cheek, that we give him an environment that could be compared with the holodeck of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek……!

MET approached the project by underlining the fact the key messages are all about communication rather than products – moving away from grey boxes to a jewel box, and creating an ‘infinite’ mosaic of communication.

VIP customers are met at the building’s entrance and taken along a glass corridor to a single lift, where their ‘journey’ – physical and metaphorical – begins. The lift door closes and through the use of visual effects visitors descend to the bowels of the comms machine.

On arrival they are confronted by an animated, dynamic space representing the living, high capacity, high-speed network that is the hallmark of the company. In the centre of the space sits a white Sphere – our ‘holodeck’ created using special effects, electro-mechanical moving parts and a wide range of other high-end media to provide a multi purpose theatre, video conference, sales suite, meeting room and marketing show suite for staff.

‘This has been the most unique and intrinsically rewarding international, multi-disciplinary team experience I’ve had in my 15 years in this business. Lucent’s unanimous selection of MET Studio Design was ultimately a superb choice’ (Ivor Cummings – Design Manager for Lucent Technologies)



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