Sculptural AV installations that connects people to deliver engaging, brand driven content for the Megabox Mall.

MET was commissioned by Kerry Properties to devise and design audio-visual installations within the MegaBox shopping mall in Kowloon Bay. The challenge was to create installations that would guide and draw shoppers through the multi-level big-box mall while creating focal points within key transition areas. The installations had to be more than just sculptural – they needed to connect people and deliver relevant content.

Early on in the conceptual design process, MET identified three key locations within the mall on main transitional floors and intersections of express escalators. In one of the locations, MET designed a two-part audio-visual display that transformed the spherical architectural sky lobby into a giant but low-resolution video screen. This screen feature was designed to be viewed from outside as an attraction that could be seen from the other side of the harbour.

A second circular screen with a higher resolution, set within the sphere, was used to run detailed content for visitors inside the mall. A second installation of hanging LED screens viewable from several floors, was designed as a social notice board where shoppers could send messages to friends via their mobile phones. MET also designed the digital wayfinding within the building and storyboarded the content to relate to the various retail zones of the mall.



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