Museo De Ciencias Ambientales

This innovative project explores the issue of sustainability in Western Mexico as a living tapestry.

Following on from MET Studio’s masterplan for the ‘Museo de Ciencias Ambientales‘, a museum of environmental sciences to open in Guadalajara, MET Studio has been commissioned to design a series of interpretation spaces for the next stages of the project, underpinned by the continued research undertaken by the MET and University of Guadalajara teams.

This innovative project, which explores the issue of sustainability in Western Mexico, is located in the center of Metropolitan Guadalajara.

Its principal audience is the urbanite population and the challenge has been to engage them with issues which stretch across the region’s agricultural and natural landscapes.

We responded to the client’s desire for a free-flow experience by drawing inspiration from the thematic content, in particular understanding ecosystem services in landscapes and how these change as they are modified and converted for human use.

Visitors orientate and navigate the substantial spaces inspired by the urban, grey – infrastructure blocks of cities and the irregular tessellated landscapes of the modified agricultural environment, interconnected by networks of road and rail and overhead power and telecommunication infrastructure. From this we have created a ‘living tapestry’ of exhibits and activities with clear circulation, positioned content clusters, vistas and highlight exhibits, so that visitors can intuitively explore the exhibitions using the thematic ideas the new facility aims to explore.



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