Road Safety Experience

A mirror, signal and manoeuvre in traffic advice and safety.

A mirror, signal and manoeuvre in traffic advice and safety

MET ID was commissioned by Kent Fire & Rescue Services to design and develop the brand identity, and exhibition environment, for this pioneering road safety exhibition aimed at teaching young and new drivers their responsibilities and duty of care on the road.

The Road Safety Experience explores the causes of accidents on the road and their impact on people’s lives. Through powerful stories and physical experiences, it encourages people to look at driving situations from all perspectives learning the roles we play in causing and preventing danger on the road.

It is the first and only purpose-built road safety centre in the UK, led by authorities in the community and experts in personal safety, focused on improving driving experiences of all young drivers in Kent and Medway through powerful personal stories, artefacts from crash scenes, and innovative interactive tasks engaging visitors with key messages that others have learnt from the road.

The idea behind the brand identity stemmed from the insight that driving is a life skill which requires understanding through experience. Driving as an experience can be liberating and rewarding, however, in an instant, it can change with profound and tragic consequence. 

The identity explores this paradox, by capturing this split-second moment and freeze-framing it. Using a dynamic thread, it shows the fine line we tread to tell a story of actions taken or untaken and the consequences attached. It aims to create an image of safety with a duality, and a tone of voice that is imbued with a sense of responsibility. Connecting the reward of driving with its fragility, to promote road safety as a personal duty one takes to actively create and determine the consequences of their driving experiences.



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