Taikoo Place Brand Experience Centre

Virtual experiences for a very
real estate.

Taikoo Place, Swire Properties’ long-term redevelopment of prime 6.5 million sq. ft. into a major business and commercial hub based at Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island, is wowing international businesses with a taste of how the transformation into a world-class vibrant mixed-use community will look through a totally immersive 3d experience.

Swire Properties “Taikoo Place Brand Experience Centre” has been designed with flexibility in mind. It allows businesses looking to relocate their HQ’s to a more high-spec space a chance to imagine what their new offices could look like and how the surrounding environment will serve their employees. Specially commissioned augmented reality and some 50 screens that overlook the redevelopment site showcase how Taikoo Place will evolve, allowing businesses to imagine working, living and playing in this new cultural and commercial quarter of Hong Kong. The engaging and immersive experience has been designed by London, Hong Kong and Mexico-based experience designers MET Studio together with digital content creators Squint Opera.

“As with all of MET Studio’s work, this was a chance to break away from an established route and create an experience that would truly engage visitors, helping them to imagine how the redevelopment of such an enormous and ambitious commercial and cultural quarter such as Taikoo Place could unfold.” Said Peter Karn, Creative Director.

Located on the 19th floor of Swire Properties’ Hong Kong headquarters at One Island East, the Taikoo Place 250sq.m brand experience centre is a fully digital experience. Using a specially designed app, doors and walls slide apart to reveal 59 screens that come to life showing the day and night vista of Taikoo Place. The highly intuitive playlist interface allows the dedicated Swire Properties guide to personalise the visitor experience according to their individual needs, adjusting lighting, sound, film and visitor interactive content. Looking for a great new office? Then the content will focus on the recommended buildings and highlight the ancillary facilities available nearby. Want to open a restaurant to capture the high net worth workers and residents? Then the guide brings to life the options with a quick swipe of the smart phone.

The core film is shot at 8k resolution (live action and CGI) and played across 48 HD screens with custom-mixed surround sound that fills the space. The 220 degree film and interactive 3d models (the 3D model is in Intro space instead of core space) allows the audience to immerse themselves into Taikoo Place and the surrounding area.

“MET carefully orchestrated the design of the space around the visitor experience, focusing on flexibility of use and together with the brilliant team at Squint Opera, have created an unmatched experience for the property market and one of real value for Swire Properties.” Karn concluded.

MET Studio’s scope of work included conceptual development of the design of the interior space, narrative development and overseeing production and construction for the interior space, interactive content and film.

America Latina Pavilion at FIL 30 Guadalajara

International experiential design company MET Studio in a project venture with Mauricio de Font-Reaúlx and Point Rouge was appointed by Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FIL) – the Guadalajara International Book Fair – to design the guest of honour pavilion for FIL 30, which this year features Latin America.

The Latin America guest of honour pavilion design takes its inspiration from a kaleidoscope – one that reflects light, colour and shapes with a concept that represents the warmth, cultural diversity, identities, languages and landscapes of the Latin American countries. The pavilion will be visited by over 750,000 literary enthusiasts.

The 18,300 sq feet pavilion is sited at the very heart of the book fair, featuring a flowing overhead canopy inspired by the landscapes and biodiversity of Latin America from which individual kaleidoscopes are suspended. Each kaleidoscope is illuminated and highlighted by a warm palette of patterns and colours, a combination of mirrors and localised sound to attract and engage visitors.



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