War Horse

A record attendance and revenue-breaking exhibition
with a moving and important message for all ages.

A large-scale temporary exhibition at London’s National Army Museum in Chelsea, which tells the incredible real-life story of the use of horses in warfare right through British military history, tying in with the original War Horse novel by Michael Morpurgo (who gave the exhibition his support), the National Theatre’s award-winning War Horse stage production and the Steven Spielberg-directed War Horse film.

The key objectives of the exhibition were to create a dramatic, interactive and immersive experience for the visitor about the story of horses in war, via a series of interactive exhibits and areas, as well as through focal points that reflected the power and impact of the ‘War Horse’ story.

For a family audience, it was also important to strike the right balance between creating an entertaining and enjoyable experience and not underplaying the sometimes harrowing notes from history, including the incredible statistic that over eight million horses died in the course of World War One.



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