York’s Chocolate Story

A sweet experience makes for one of the North of England’s most popular paid attractions.

MET Studio was commissioned to create this visitor attraction in York based on the city’s fascinating and enduring role in the manufacture of chocolate and confectionery over the last two centuries, telling the story behind the leading confectioners of the area such as Rowntree’s, Craven’s and Terry’s.

The look and feel of the experience was designed to frame chocolate as an indulgent treat for all ages that has been enjoyed through the ages. The experience was presented as a tasting menu where visitors could look, read and taste how chocolate has changed in form and flavour throughout history.

Natural, earthy tones were used to reflect the qualities and characteristics of chocolate, with brighter colours being used when the story shifted to other, candied confectionery products.



India House
45 Curlew Street


Hong Kong

7/F Contempo Place
81 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong
Kowloon HK